How To Generate Optimism and Opportunity During COVID 19

As a person who typically sees the glass as half full, I am the first to admit that even an optimist can experience moments of pessimism brought on by the coronavirus.

The unpredictability and uncertainty brought by this virus promises new rules and limitations, challenges our ability to hold onto hope, and confidence that indeed this is the best of all worlds.

How Can We Hold onto our Optimism?

For all of us who see the glass as half full, we are already ahead of the game.  We innately have faith, hope and confidence that, at times, may be stirred but not shaken.  For us, we are happy to embrace all that life throws at us, confident it will only make us stronger, better and wiser.

Can a Pessimist Become an Optimist?

If you are someone who believes that the negative experiences of the pandemic will be permanent and that you feel helpless to make a difference in your current life, I have some good news for you.

You can change your way of thinking from doom and gloom to optimism, from thinking bad things will happen to viewing the pandemic as a challenge that can be overcome and fixed.

It’s all about changing your thinking and disputing your beliefs to prove them wrong:

Negative beliefI feel incapable of managing this pandemic. I don’t do well with stress.
New beliefI can handle my fears.  I’m having a hard time because I have mismanaged difficult situations in the past. I am working on these issues to become stronger.
Constructive behavior with new thoughtsEvery time I have self-doubts about my ability to cope effectively, I will journal about it and give myself time to question the false truth.

The Benefits of Optimism During Covid 19

The principles of positivity we need to remember at this time couldn’t be more clear.

  • Optimism helps you focus on solutions instead of fear and helplessness.
  • Optimism is a catalyst for growth.
  • Being positive helps you to confront what is hard.
  • Being positive helps you acquire new skills and to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Optimism creates a positive anticipation of the future.
  • It reduces your level of stress.
  • It increases your level of motivation.


Now is a time to think and behave with a positive perspective.  Like building a muscle, increasing your optimism requires time and dedication.  With purpose, practice, and work you can become more positive.

Now is a time to change your way of thinking.  Instead of viewing the pandemic as a necessary personal crisis, use the current situation and master your discomfort and fears.  

Take advantage of free time and consider enrolling in a course offered by Yale University called The Science of Well-Being.  In it, you will have the opportunity to engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and develop more productive habits.

Finally, take a daily inventory.  End your day, each day, with a positive acknowledgment of something you accomplished, learned or are grateful for.  This will help dilute some of the negativity you are experiencing.

Remember, being optimistic makes for a happier, healthier and successful person.


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