Answer these 5 questions after your break-up and you’ll heal faster

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The failure of a relationship closes one chapter of your life and starts a new one.

The healing process involves putting together a new and meaningful life.

However, it’s not like getting over the flu – rest, drink lots of fluids, and come out the other side good as new.

Recovering from the loss of a relationship takes time….a lot of time.

You may have tried various self-care strategies, like speaking to friends and family.

But if you keep trying to move on and just cannot…

It may be time to see a therapist.

While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for recovering from the loss of a love, there are questions that your therapist can help you answer that will help you to feel better and let go.

The following are some important questions to consider:

  1. Is something from my past making it difficult to move on? Sometimes unhealthy patterns of behavior from the past repeat themselves from one relationship to the next. Your therapist can help you understand how those patterns undermined your current relationship.
  2. How can I choose a different type of partner in the future? Understanding your “attachment style” is an important factor in figuring out how you handled your needs for closeness and separateness in your relationship. Were you too distant or too clingy? Your therapist can help you understand your style and how it impacted your relationship.
  3. How do I handle conflict? Conflict is an inevitable part of all relationships. With the help of a therapist you can identify how you handled conflict with your partner.
  4. How can I enhance my relationship skills? No relationship is perfect, but how you and your partner relate to each other can make or break a relationship. Ask your therapist to help you enhance your communication, listening, and problem-solving skills.
  5. What can I learn about myself from this break-up? Every relationship is a learning experience. A therapist can help you to take an honest look at the relationship and evaluate the pros and cons.

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