Relationship Quiz


I was uncertain of my needs(Required)
I was afraid of being consumed by my spouse’s needs(Required)
I felt powerless to change myself(Required)
I have difficulty expressing my feelings.(Required)
I had difficulty knowing what I was feeling.(Required)
I felt responsible to fix my spouse’s problems(Required)
My feelings of worth came from my spouse more than from myself.(Required)
I needed my spouse’s attention to feel good about myself.(Required)
I avoided being responsible in the relationship(Required)
I did things to please my spouse even when I didn’t want to.(Required)
I whined and pouted and manipulated when I didn’t get what I wanted.(Required)
I felt trapped in the marriage.(Required)
I often felt I wasn’t good enough.(Required)
I found it hard to be alone with myself.(Required)
I did not make demands on my spouse.(Required)
I felt smothered in the relationship.(Required)
I didn’t like to admit when I was wrong.(Required)
I felt controlled by what my partner thought of me.(Required)
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