Asked Questions

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What are your fees?

The customary charges for counseling range from $150 – $250 per hour. The hourly fee for this service is $200. Lower rates may apply for long term and group counseling.

How do I pay for the service?

Payment can be made directly with a major credit card, or in advance by personal check.

What can I expect from the initial call?

Dr. Hecker can help you immediately with the guidance you need beginning with your first call. You can expect to receive answers to your questions about the counseling process prior to your first scheduled counseling session. Also, a determination will be made if your needs are conducive to the process.

How long will the counseling process take?

Counseling can vary from several months to several years depending upon the specific needs of the client. Several factors, such as the nature of the problem, the emotional well-being of the client, their level of insight etc. will affect the length of the process.

Will my insurance pay for counseling?

You may be able to receive reimbursement from your insurance health plan. That will depend on the type of plan you have. Upon request, statements of service that you can submit to the insurance company will be provided.

What is your cancellation policy for scheduled appointments?

Hours are by appointment. In order to cancel an appointment and not be charged, 24 hours notice is required. However, when that is not possible, the charge can be applied to a rescheduled appointment.

Can I contact Dr. Hecker between scheduled sessions?


Do you provide other services?

In addition to specializing in divorce counseling and couples’ counseling for entrepreneurs, Dr. Hecker has extensive clinical experience in the following areas: relationship concerns (work related and personal), depression and anxiety, aging and life transitions, and as a second opinion for psychological matters.