Savy and I were finishing up our last walk of the day one evening last week when I tripped and fell.  I dropped her leash, which scared her, and she ran off.  Typically, she would come when I called her name, but not this time.  She was frightened.  Savy was hit in the head by a passing car.  She died instantaneously. 

Love is the greatest force in the universe.  It does not matter if a creature has four legs or two; love applies to all of us.  My Savy had four.  The truth is that we learn the most from those who love us and whom we love.

Life conspires to bring souls together, and can be found in unexpected places. It sets us on a course where we will intersect sooner or later.  One step to the left, a moment sooner or later, and things might have been very different.

I never tried to make something happen.  One day my good friend sent me a description of a dog that needed a new home, as its owner was leaving the state and could not take her.  I had little, if any, forethought of getting a dog, but the description of Savy made me want her so badly. Who chose who? Did Savy choose me or did I choose her?  It was our life’s blueprint, our destiny to be together.

Not all pets are perfect pets, but all pets are inherently good.  Savy, however, was perfect.  She never asked for anything.  She never knew when the day would start, when it would end, or what would happen in between.

Sweet Savy put all of her faith in me. She always knew that her needs would be be met, and she had a special way of thanking me.  Every day while I was working she would sneak out of my office and put a bone under my pillow (like they put chocolates on beds in some hotels).  “Hey Savy, do you want to come up on the bed?” I would ask her each night. She’d jump up on the bed and together we’d look under the pillow for my gift.  Then she would lay her head next to mine. It was the best part of our day.

Savy was almost human, and I treated her as my equal.  Her mission was to teach me that true love has no conditions.  We loved each other deeply with a love that will never end.  Savy raised me to the highest level possible.

I know I’m healing.  I don’t cry quite as much as I did.



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