Everything You Want To Know About Sex During The Pandemic

Can Coronavirus spread through sex?  Well, No–and–Yes, the experts tell us.

Can one stay 6 feet apart from their partner with a mask on and have great sex? Mmmmm.

My single clients often ask me if it is safe to start a new relationship or to have safe sex in an era of physical distancing? 

Not so much. You are your safest sex partner. Find a pandemic friend with benefits who also stays at home, I have been known to answer.

Let’s face it, these are not sexy times.

Sex, Meds, Livin’ The Covid Life, by Eric Robespierre

If you are tired of waking up alone and going to bed alone…..


You want to take a break from the solitary life…..


You feel like laughing instead of sobbing…….

Do yourself a favor and pick up Sex, Meds, Livin’ The Covid Life, written by my friend, Eric, who, honestly, could not have written this unless he was a little nuts.

Enter, Bernie Max, a “follow-the-rules” kind of guy from New York City.  Bernie knew that during the pandemic he was supposed to stay at home for everything except the essentials.  Yup, you guessed it, for Bernie sex was considered an essential (“A man has his needs.”) and worth the risk of catching Covid 19. Just like that, his friend created a dating profile for him and gave him a list of the best websites to meet women.

It might seem odd to seek humor in a book about the Coronavirus.  But Sex, Med, Livin’ The Covid Life, is such a funny and entertaining book about safe sex during social isolation that he makes living through a deadly pandemic sound like fun.

Take a read – you might find yourself if places you never imagined.

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