Hope: My Gift To You In 2021


Years ago, I lost my ability to hope. I had sustained a major loss, and the pain seemed unmanageable. I waited and waited, hoping the agony would evaporate.

Just at the point where I could see no way out, I looked up at the blue sky and saw Hope. The sky was full of it.

I can’t lie to you. Right now, the world feels bleak to all of us. The coronavirus has fundamentally shifted the way our society works.  At times, it feels impossible to maintain any sense of hopefulness.

Be that as it may, tis is the season to give meaningful gifts to the important people in our lives. This year’s gift from me to you is hope.

How to Be Hopeful, Even When It’s Really, Really Hard

When I was overcome with grief, due to my loss, and out of ideas to improve my situation, I felt utterly hopeless and helpless.

What I did not know and had to figure out, and want to make sure that you know, is that having hope is not simply about digging down to the bottom of a barrel with the intention of pulling off a miracle when everything is falling apart. Hope is not something you switch on and off, so that you can temporarily feel better when the chips are down.

  • Hope is something that must transcend into every aspect of your life. It is a lifestyle that must be reflected in everything you do and everything you are.
  • The secret to nurturing hope is having trust and faith in yourself that you can get through any challenge that life throws your way.

Although I am, by nature, an optimistic person, when I was in the throes of grief, void of hope, and convinced I would die of a broken heart, I had to cultivate hope by making a shift in the way I thought about myself and my circumstances.

The following are the secrets I discovered about hope that helped me turn the sky from dark grey to clear blue.

The Foundations of Hope

Simply stated, hope is a positive expectation about a future outcome. It’s a way of thinking about a situation and maintaining control over your perspective. 

How do hopeful people interact with themselves and the world around them?

  • They are grateful, however by no means content and therefore always looking to make improvements.
  • They desire change. They want to make things better and upgrade their lives.
  • They are proactive and act in the direction of their goals and dreams.
  • Yes, they focus on the future, but they also make the most of the present.
  • They accept that life brings no guarantees. However, they will always do their best to make the best of situations.
  • They are generous and make positive contributions. They know that giving to others and helping them overcoming their problems, helps them with their personal struggles.


In times like this, it might feel impossible to maintain any sense of hopefulness or optimism about the future.

I can tell you first hand that while life is uncertain, a lot of good can come out of seemingly bad situations.

The single most important gift I can give you for 2021 is to remind you that, with hope, you have the power to unlock a better you. It’s your choice.

How do I know?

It’s what I do. My counseling is built on hope. That’s why I do it. Hope that things can change: habits, problems, families, relationships and emotions. I offer you a path back to possibilities in your life, just when you feel all hope is lost.

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