Panic And Stress Of The Pandemic


I just finished a session with a client who is very caught up in the panic and stress of the pandemic and the uncertainty of the world around us.

Listen, I get it.  Life is tough right now.  We’re all taking a beating and it’s hard not to wallow in these heavy emotions of stress, fear, doubt, and anxiety. 

All of us could use a shot of optimism and a reminder that this, too, shall pass.

Oh sure, a shot of optimism.  Where do I buy that?

Then, it hit me;  something my Dad repeatedly told his children; “No matter what you do, always do your best.”

As I see it, just because life may not be going the way we want, or perhaps in spite of it, we each have an ongoing responsibility to take charge of our future by investing in our personal growth and our potential.  

In other words, each of us is in the driver’s seat and we must write our own history, despite being down in the dumps by circumstances.

But how?

A Pep Talk:  Optimism and Personal Growth

Yes, we need to stay informed about the pandemic, to wear our masks and social distance, but we also need to stay positive and mentally healthy to boost our moods and immune systems.  

  • Start by looking at the situation you find yourself in, some of it very scary, as a learning experience and an advantage to move forward.  Take responsibility, instead of blaming others.
  • Know yourself, live your core values every day and exercise your strengths.
  • Face the uncertainty of the future with curiosity and optimism.
  • A shift from a doom and gloom attitude to a constructive one that says “Yes, I can do this,” rather than “It’s all too difficult.” Adopt a fighter attitude.
  • Open the door to growth and betterment instead of being shackled by fear.
  • Set and accomplish goals.  Challenge yourself daily.
  • Think of your own potential and the power within you to reach that potential.  Change yourself in order to change the outcome.


Presented with a multitude of challenges by the pandemic, choose a mind-set that orients you towards the future of possibility, of hope, and ultimately, optimism.

What makes me optimistic?  My belief that I can effect change in my own life and for my clients.

Wishing you love and good mental health.  Take care of you, your family, check in on others and stay positive.

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