Valentine’s Day Is About Love, Not Lovers

When you think of Valentine’s Day, I’ll wager you think of red roses, chocolates and heartfelt cards.

Today, Valentine’s Day means BIG business for card, candy and flower companies.

Although Valentine’s Day has become commercialized for lovers, it should be a time to celebrate love, and to connect with people you care about.

For those of you who aren’t members of my Baby Boom generation – and for those of you who are and want to take a trip down memory lane – the following is for you:

I clearly remember giving a Valentine’s card to every boy and girl in my class.  Some special friends also received a candy heart that contained a Valentine-related message on it:

Be Mine.  Hug Me. Love you.

I remember my classroom teacher always bought Valentine’s Day cards and gave one to each student.

We even used our creativity to draw cards with cut out hearts pasted on construction paper.

Back in the day, our Valentine’s Day experiences were fun and innocent times, with the emphasis on warm and loving friendships and relationships. 

Compare this to today’s Valentine’s Day dysfunction, where only a select group of partnered people feel pleasure, and many feel grief, anger and even choose to hide out because they aren’t in a “relationship.”

The following are some tips for how to make this a special Valentine’s Day.

  • Send cards to everyone you love, male and female, young and old.
  • Spend today with friends and people in your everyday life you appreciate, but don’t tell often enough.
  • Send flowers to yourself.  Yes, YOUR SELF.
  • Celebrate family love, sibling love and parent/child love.

Because Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers.

It’s the perfect time to remind people (including yourself) how much you cherish them.



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